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Dental veneers consist of thin layers of ceramic or composite that cover the outer face of the tooth to improve its aesthetic appearance. are often placed on the buccal surface of the incisors and canines, the most visible teeth, to immediately improve your smile.

However, your mission is twofold: dental veneers solve functional and aesthetic problems in a single treatment. They solve imperfections that can damage the surface of the tooth (such as fractures, changes in color, irregularity in shape, stains, size or spacing of teeth), simultaneously providing a healthy, harmonious and beautiful smile with a very natural finish.

How long does it last?

The key for this treatment to be so effective is in its high degree of customization: each of these facets is created exclusively for each patient, always looking for a perfect adaptation.

Another reason for the popularity of dental veneers is their long life. Composite dental veneers last between 5 to 7 years.

  • Assessment and diagnosis of the case; 
  • Treatment planning and preparation of veneers;
  • Teeth preparation;
  • Attachment of dental veneers to teeth;

However, the material of which the veneers are made is not the only determining element in the duration of the treatment: the patient's cooperation in maintaining proper oral hygiene is decisive to ensure the duration and good condition of the veneers.

The care required by dental veneers is, in this sense, equivalent to that of the natural dentition: a complete oral hygiene with deep brushing after each meal, followed by dental floss and mouthwash and polishing maintenance once a year is advised.

We must avoid consumption of certain pigmented drinks, such as red wine, tea, coffee or soft drinks, which contribute to the coloring of veneers, changing their appearance over time.

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