The alternative for the boneless

Today, there are already alternatives for those who cannot have conventional implants, either because they have no bone or because treatments have failed.

Zygomatic Implants

Not enough bone for the all-on-4 procedure?


Some patients lack bone density in the upper jaw to provide a secure base for normal-length dental implants. As a solution, we can proceed with the All-on-4 treatment with zygomatic dental implants, where the extra length of the implants achieves additional bone for better stability. 

Depending on the extent of bone deterioration, 2 to 4 zygomatic implants will be used to support 4 to 6 common implants. The fixed bridge on top of the implants will hold the replacement teeth.

Minimizing discomfort and anxiety, in our clinic we try to make your treatment as painless as possible and, to ensure your comfort throughout the zygomatic procedure, the treatment is performed under sedation.

  • The two front dental implants are at an angle that allows the bridge to be supported by the bone at the front of the maxilla, which is denser and stronger.
  • The two posterior dental implants are extra-long and are surgically attached to the “zygomatic” arch.
  • The dental bridge, manufactured and fitted by our dental technician, is designed to look, feel and function like natural, healthy teeth and gums.


In many of the patients who have been without teeth for many years, the loss of jaw bone is very serious and requires the use of alternatives, however zygomatic implants are not always the solution, namely for anatomical reasons.

The Implantize (customized implants) is a structure created in titanium from a computerized design, based on a tomography and anatomical study of the patient. From this information, the structure is created (a process called sintering) and subjected to tests that guarantee its strength and durability. It is completely biocompatible and is used in very serious cases where other implants cannot be used or where the use of conventional implants has failed.

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